One of my first videos dealing with PC based flight simulation.

The narrative behind the above mission was more interesting than actually participating in it. The story goes that I was dispatched with my wingman to investigate reports of enemy aircraft in the area from our coast watcher network. I bobbed around in the sky in and out of the clouds scanning the area when I saw our objective. Two Mitsubishi Zeros were coming right for us. I jinked and they passed. We  turned, then I don’t know where the Hell my wingman went. I saw him out there, in front of me with one of the enemy planes. ‘What the Hell is he doing out there?’ I thought. Well the AI isn’t as good as real opponents online, but oh well. I finally got a good bead on the lead plane, but then his wingman split off. I heard my wingman go down on the radio, and I nailed the lead plane. Right about then I look aft, expecting to see the second plane. Sure enough, there he was and said hello with a short burst of his guns (several of them thudding into my wing!) I chopped the throttle, and buried one of my feet on the right rudder. The Brewster I was flying responded quickly as it decelerated into the turn. The Zero seemed surprised, but passed by in a flash. We went back and forth a few times, but he couldn’t quite get me in his sites. I did another tight low speed turn to face him. He was coming at me nose to nose! I saw his guns flash and tracers bookend my cockpit. I pulled the trigger the moment he filled my sites. I instinctively ducked as we closed, but what was that going to do? In a moment I realized I’d nailed him squarely, sending his aircraft off flying in different directions. But I was not unscathed: several more of the Zero’s shots had me leaking fuel out of my wings pretty good.  There was an island nearby where I decided to try and ditch, or land on if I could find enough beach. About then it seemed my throttle went out and the choice was out of my hands. So after optimistically lowering my gear and scanning the beach, I raised it and prepared for a water landing. I gave her some flaps, and kept the nose up until she augured in a few feet above the water. 100 yards’ swim to an island over having to ditch at sea is a chance I’ll take any day.

Next video was a film capture of a day’s good shooting in same simulation.

A later video I created. Uneven sound with this, so be careful with the speakers, but an evolution. Later on I upgraded my sound and video card and things became smoother.

My next video while ambitious, perhaps overly so, incorporated green screen and was a fun concept. Somewhere I still have the completed version, but at poor resolution.

This is among the most polished, but not perfect.

Here is a screen capture of my work area doing part of that video. If you can look closely enough, you can see that it is easy to get many layers going without realizing it.

Click image for larger

This was my last film capture of simulation for now. A fortuitous flight that I happened to save.

My largest project was taking captured video and editing the light and sound as well as deleting any gaps in the presentation. It was well received. I also developed the introductory animation and text






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