Skills Retention

I was doing a skills retention project for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop here that I was inspired by a note we have on our fridge door- it tracks the number of varmints we've killed. So I scanned it, and went for Faux-Rambo movie feeling. Yes that's me, I don't like miceĀ  The main reason for … Continue reading Skills Retention


Celebrating 20 Years in Digital Art

Thomas Gorman (AKA 'Triad773') is Celebrating 20 Years of Digital Art. About this time of year in 1997, I volunteered at an animal shelter with a lady who worked in publishing. She was laughing about how much airbrushing they had to do to Jenny McCarthy's plastic surgery scars for a magazine cover. When we discussed … Continue reading Celebrating 20 Years in Digital Art

Screen Captures from a Korean War game Flight Simulation

  A series of images from a short training mission: Base Scramble Single incoming aircraft Pilot has to start engine, take off, and engage the incoming aircraft Click images to enlarge   While jets are fast, and a MiG-15 can climb like a home-sick Angel, it can't quite outrun a missile. Images from IL-2:1946 a … Continue reading Screen Captures from a Korean War game Flight Simulation

The 20th Year Anniversary DVD

It never happened for Light Quarterly, due to funding. Light Quarterly was a light poetry magazine in print until things seemed to have come to a somewhat natural conclusion, albeit too soon. I had designed an HTML based interface, organized the files, but just no budget. The magazine had folded, the founding editor had passed … Continue reading The 20th Year Anniversary DVD