LEGS (a true story)

I dreamt once my legs would not budge From what my doctors could not judge Then one day that dream came true And I knew not what to do And everyone thought it a sin That I had become a virtual shut-in And all the while in this recession Only served to fuel my depression … Continue reading LEGS (a true story)



  The shifting, changing, sands of time They grazed my face, and erased my mind As I had no mind left to lose, Since I tried to kill it with booze And though the clock still keeps ticking, I can't remember the last thought I was thinking When everything was looking better, I waited for … Continue reading EXISTENCE


I typically don’t write about things I am going through that are pain related, but this poem spoke to me of some of my own experiences. I thought it powerful enough that I wanted to share this work of a fellow blogger. I hate measuring how a day goes by how difficult it is to put on my shoes and socks in the morning, but I must keep trying to find a solution.

Poesy plus Polemics

prison_window_abstract_cell_pattern_architectural_painting “Prison Window” by Kazuya Akimoto
pain is prison

a solitaire cell

pharmaceutical keys

don’t fit all its locks

a life sentence

imposed I suppose

by bad choices

genetics and one

distrait surgeon

I’d strangle if only

he’d left me a

semblance of strength

so I sit never stand

in this punishing place

in my bio-austerity

missing the mercy of sleep

finding solace in

laying down words

by the light of a

fortunate window

through which

I observe the old age

that might have been mine

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photo credit: dronepicr Drone photography is very nice For what it's actually worth, And 3D Printing is all the rage, A technology forming its birth But some bridge must yet be made, Or else all we'll have to show Is lowering of our R&D, And all that much less we know Some countries far away … Continue reading JOBS OF THE FUTURE