Faux Artisan Pizzas II

After going back to and refining my original list of Faux Artisan Pizzas, I've made a number of refinements, and eliminated some choices. If you've forgotten how a base pizza is selected and would like to follow along, refer to the link in this paragraph above. For this updated list of 'Faux Artisan Pizzas (II),' … Continue reading Faux Artisan Pizzas II


The Three Days of Pizza- PART THREE

As a continuation of my recent series on The Three Days of Pizza, I take my Marinara Sauce and Dough to put together a great home made pizza! Day Three- TOPPINGS, COOKING (and eating!) A quick note about toppings preparation and organization that can help things go much smoother-- I recycle plastic containers to put … Continue reading The Three Days of Pizza- PART THREE

The Three Days of Pizza – PART TWO

As a continuation of creating my sauce in The Three Days of Pizza, I follow on with my second day-- dough for the crust. Day Two: DOUGH While I am usually fine for 2 pizzas and some bread sticks for Marinara dipping, I needed to double up here to get three 18 inch pizzas and some … Continue reading The Three Days of Pizza – PART TWO

The Three Days of Pizza – PART ONE

Introduction With my recent series on 'Faux Artisan Pizzas,' I've become motivated to build an actual artisan pizza from the ground up. Last time I did such I made no documentation, but this will make it all a bit more fun. Why Three Days of Pizza? As in part to illustrate why I find the … Continue reading The Three Days of Pizza – PART ONE

The Farmer ‘Artisan Pizza’ Redux

Originally from this previous blog post that inspired a number of different concoctions, the subject here was the 3rd on that list. Here I am revisiting that recipe for a little refinement. While the first version included fresh basil, that lacked any authority, and was overcome by the sharp cheddar cheese. Here I dispensed with … Continue reading The Farmer ‘Artisan Pizza’ Redux

Arroz y Frijoles Negros del Tomás

This recipe is far from unique, but nails many of the basics in the Mexican pallet that I know of. Cumin, onions, garlic, tomato, even a carrot for fun. I try to use most common ingredients that I have on hand so as to not make the process too complicated. Here, I prepare the Rice … Continue reading Arroz y Frijoles Negros del Tomás

Summer Salsas 2017, No. 1

There seems to be a number of recipes vying for supremacy this season, mostly from availability of stocks. They vary from fresh to cooked, though all here follow similar themes of using alternates to traditional ingredients like tomato or sugars. Follow me as we see what materializes. Jalapeno Mango Avocado Summer Salsa Primavera Fresca - … Continue reading Summer Salsas 2017, No. 1