For all those posts I do not have anything here in graphic arts, Those critics may say, that I don't sway, But then, I don't give two farts!


Skills Retention

I was doing a skills retention project for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop here that I was inspired by a note we have on our fridge door- it tracks the number of varmints we've killed. So I scanned it, and went for Faux-Rambo movie feeling. Yes that's me, I don't like mice  The main reason for … Continue reading Skills Retention

Celebrating 20 Years in Digital Art

Thomas Gorman (AKA 'Triad773') is Celebrating 20 Years of Digital Art. About this time of year in 1997, I volunteered at an animal shelter with a lady who worked in publishing. She was laughing about how much airbrushing they had to do to Jenny McCarthy's plastic surgery scars for a magazine cover. When we discussed … Continue reading Celebrating 20 Years in Digital Art


After absorbing some Korean cuisine I decided to take a try at the national dish, Bulgogi-- which is essentially meat and rice with spices. The process involves a few common flavors including soy sauce, sesame, and garlic. Other flavors I've chosen to throw in from Korean BBQ and other dishes are oyster sauce and bok … Continue reading BEEF BULGOGI STEW

The Three Days of Pizza- PART THREE

As a continuation of my recent series on The Three Days of Pizza, I take my Marinara Sauce and Dough to put together a great home made pizza! Day Three- TOPPINGS, COOKING (and eating!) A quick note about toppings preparation and organization that can help things go much smoother-- I recycle plastic containers to put … Continue reading The Three Days of Pizza- PART THREE

The Three Days of Pizza – PART TWO

As a continuation of creating my sauce in The Three Days of Pizza, I follow on with my second day-- dough for the crust. Day Two: DOUGH While I am usually fine for 2 pizzas and some bread sticks for Marinara dipping, I needed to double up here to get three 18 inch pizzas and some … Continue reading The Three Days of Pizza – PART TWO

The Three Days of Pizza – PART ONE

Introduction With my recent series on 'Faux Artisan Pizzas,' I've become motivated to build an actual artisan pizza from the ground up. Last time I did such I made no documentation, but this will make it all a bit more fun. Why Three Days of Pizza? As in part to illustrate why I find the … Continue reading The Three Days of Pizza – PART ONE

The Farmer ‘Artisan Pizza’ Redux

Originally from this previous blog post that inspired a number of different concoctions, the subject here was the 3rd on that list. Here I am revisiting that recipe for a little refinement. While the first version included fresh basil, that lacked any authority, and was overcome by the sharp cheddar cheese. Here I dispensed with … Continue reading The Farmer ‘Artisan Pizza’ Redux