Some local images from the Galesburg, IL area, Summer 2017


All photographed with a Samsung Galaxy S4, auto settings.
Minimal, if any levels adjustment in Adobe Photoshop. 

Last update: Aug. 30, 2017


A few past projects I’ve worked on


 Click images for more information


Work Area Sample screen for skills enhancement project: Not very difficult to get many layers going in a work all at the same time that create the illusion of completeness, while none of the original work or incremental edits are destroyed. I really enjoy using Photoshop on a number of types of jobs.

Click for larger image

This was the end result

Click for larger image

Over the years in the house I took many very satisfying garden pictures at 505 around 2005. These are just but a few. Enjoy the slide show.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is another selection of garden pictures. They’re great to look at in Winter.


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More recently this has been my urban playground with a little nature. Modest by comparison, but comfortable in the warmer months.


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