Experimental space for now

Resurrecting a portfolio I had of work samples online for 14 years.


 Photo Sept. 2016  Click for larger image

TRIAD773 is a personal venture produced by one individual for the purpose of expressing imagination. Triad is from the original Celtic belief in the power of threes. The power of threes comes from the traditional groupings of three associated items.

The symbolism behind this ‘triad’ is a simple one: each area represented an area of interest in the creative fields. The “773” is simply a localization by telephone area code.

Over the time I have had this site, what makes up the ‘triad’ has evolved and matured. While the triad used to represent

  • Visual art
  • Music
  • Writing

Over the years three more broad yet distinct strengths have emerged

  • Problem solving: spatial, visual, artistic, literary, marketing, and audio solutions
  • Technical Computer, networking, databases, web and print solutions
  • Organizational Most of my career as a contractor, it seemed as if I frequently got those assignments where I was given someone else’s mess to clean up for them. Being able to perform satisfactorily in this unenviable task demonstrated aptitude in bringing order where there was disorder. This strength has become especially valuable as of late. 

At the encouragement of a couple of friends, I am re-constituting my website on WordPress.com. I had my original website of triad773.com with Yahoo web hosting, but my paying for a website after a while was not cost effective. So here I go again, hoping to keep friends, family, and business associates up to date on recent activities. More content to come! Eventually I hope to have most of my original site up here.