Faux Artisan Pizzas

Something I do for fun is play with food–something I’ve been doing lately is that I use a frozen cheese pizza as a base, then make what ever I want on top of that. You can’t overload the crust though, or it will end up getting soggy and disappointing.

Select your starting point of a frozen pizza carefully. Perhaps most importantly, will the crust stand up to as much as you want to put on it? Will it have enough cheese and sauce on it’s own, or will you be needing to supplement that?

A couple of brands that I’ve found useful is Aldi’s Mama Cozzi 5 Cheese Frozen Pizza, and Palermo’s Primo Thin Extra Thin 5 Cheese Pizza. The Aldi’s crust is okay, but the Primo has a more delicate crunch. You may already have a favorite- there are many out there.

A final tip- if, after sitting on the stove top for a while, your pizza gets soggy anyway, pop it back in the oven at 350 F. for 5 or so minutes, and it’ll crisp right back up. It may even be better that way then when you first made it, from less moisture.

Use ingredients below as a guideline- you may or may not use everything. Drain all moist toppings as much as possible for best results– and have fun!


For a printable PDF document, click the link below

To see why I might prefer frozen pizzas as a short cut, see my
explanation here in The Three Days of Pizza

To see an updated list of Faux Artisan Pizzas II, click here


The Farmer (3.1) Redux

Image credits: 4 pages of MS Word 2007, printed to PDF, saved as images
Use of Clip Art, except large pizza picture by author for images

Subject to revision and updates as needed


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