Tom’s Taco Ensembles

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Here we find not just one, but a collection of recipes from meat, to condiments for a healthy made-from-scratch meal to satisfy all.

Look at the options below and select your favorite meat, toppings, and have a great time!


This can vary in selection due to audience or preference. Choose the meat you’d like to start with here, then move on to the guacamole and salsa sections for best results. Each result should open up in a new window or browser tab.


Try out a relatively low fat yet rich topping for not only tacos, but burritos, nachos and more here. Not spicy by design, but you can always of course add more salsa!


Salsas add life to any dish, and certainly as much ‘fireworks’ as you can stand. Join in exploring the ‘threshold of excitement‘ with one of these recipes.

Enjoy any of these combinations in taco or burrito tortillas,
corn or flour, and LOTS of guac to counter-act that heat!

What ever your preference. Who says ‘food can’t be exciting?’ 

Have fun!


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