LEGS (a true story)


I dreamt once my legs would not budge
From what my doctors could not judge

Then one day that dream came true
And I knew not what to do

And everyone thought it a sin
That I had become a virtual shut-in

And all the while in this recession
Only served to fuel my depression

But now that all is said and done
It seems all my battles never won

To serve as just deserts to me
Legs once active, but now hypocrisy

That I have come oh so far
To wind up alone, in a bar

Without friends, or even a mate
Oh who deserves such a fate?

Yet, am I too young to die?
Now too frustrated to even try

To try and regain a life seemed lost,
Such a life of struggle- is it worth the cost?

                                             –Thomas F. Gorman


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