Just what it says: a Simple Slaw recipe you can throw together. It takes longer chilling in the fridge then it does to make it– builds the anticipation!

What you need to start with:

  •     1 head red cabbage, peeled and cleaned
  •     3 large carrots peeled and cleaned
  •     1 small Spanish onion
  •     6 cloves raw, peeled garlic
  •     Feed all into food processor to shred.
  •     Empty into large plastic bowl as needed to be able to keep shredding
  •     Stir together to disperse veggies and flavor.

    To mixture, add

  •    2-1/4 cup mayonnaise
  •     1-1/2 cup plain yogurt

    Then add

  •     2 teaspoons sugar, or tablespoons honey
  •     5 tablespoons white vinegar
  •     2 tablespoon dry mustard
  •     3 teaspoons celery salt
  •     Fresh ground pepper (3 or 4 turns of grinder)
  •     Whisk all together well to blend flavor
  •     Add more salt, pepper, or sweetener as desired
  •     Cover and store in refrigerator for at least two hours before serving for best flavor
  •     Serve chilled on a flat lettuce leaf and enjoy!

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