The blank page beckons thee
And what it is next to write
To occupy this deserted paper,
And not have it end up a blight, 

For the world is filled with meaningless verse
In search of an appreciative audience,
So much so, you fulfill this curse,
Yet try to offer some solace 

Of what it means to go to the well
Only to find that it is dry
Why wring your hands over ‘Writer’s Block?’
Indeed, why even cry? 

For one day it will rain again,
And so refill your ponds
Return later and take your fill,
Drink all, before it is gone.
                                                               –THOMAS GORMAN (C) Copyright 2016

One thought on “WRITER’S BLOCK

  1. ‘Your syntax errors drive me up the wall! Why do you write these cute little poems only to mess them and make them into drivel with nonsensical phrases.’

    PS- that was made not by me but by a well meaning editor friend who can be a grammar Nazi and worse, but her criticism is well appreciated. Perhaps I will change it in time, we’ll see. What I get for leaving my keyboard unlocked!


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