The 20th Year Anniversary DVD

It never happened for Light Quarterly, due to funding. Light Quarterly was a light poetry magazine in print until things seemed to have come to a somewhat natural conclusion, albeit too soon. I had designed an HTML based interface, organized the files, but just no budget. The magazine had folded, the founding editor had passed away. I thought it a fitting tribute, but it just couldn’t come together. A shame to let what work was done go to waste, but here at least is a screenshot of the interface which I thought was pretty cool. The Green is representational for a 20th year anniversary in that it is Emerald.


Organized PDFs of each of the last 20 years of Light Quarterly, divided by individual issues, and one large PDF of all issues in one. Many issues had yet to be scanned, but then we were missing a few anyway. The Bonus material would have included videos from our efforts, of poetry readings, Wordplay Workshops (part of our original community outreach program,) and any other goodies aside from the regular issues. The About would have been about the history of Light Quarterly with a special section devoted to John Mella, founding editor of the magazine.


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