Here you will find the online portfolio manifestations of Thomas Gorman

There is no end result, only a work in progress that may never be completed in time. I am a digital artist, designer, foodie, occasional poet if I might be so brazen, and even more rarely, musician. I went to art school years ago, but after I could just do it all on a computer, I decided I never wanted to screw up retouching another photograph, or clean another brush in my career. Since I went digital in 1997, that’s the way it’s been, and I’ve never looked back. Except for here where I’m sharing my creative past and present with you. My creative future will spout forth when it feels the urge. It seems to have a life of its own.

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Cover from my book ‘Platitudes’


So anyway . . .

I will add to my online portfolio as work becomes available to keep my seething public satiated.

Feel free to peruse my stockpile of work, and contact me if I may be of service.

Thank you,



 Banner image above: Metamorphosis in Adobe Illustrator